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I hope Team Flare's leader is female.

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  3. I hope Team Flare's leader is female.

User Info: Rupin_Salesman

4 years ago#1
I want to see a female evil team leader for once. And with all those female admins, I'd be certain the leader's female, too.. or a pimp.
"I love going on message boards and complaining about games I've never played!"
- Francis, Super Paper Mario

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#3
0% chance
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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#4
But it has to for it is just wrong four a team with four female admin to be led by a man.
The Official Serena's Sylveon of the Pokemon X board.

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#5
CakeOfLies posted...

*pouring flammable liquid all over*

Might as well as leave this here, since that's what this'll end up as anyway.
Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.
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  3. I hope Team Flare's leader is female.

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