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Type a Pokemon's name...

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User Info: Vycoul

3 years ago#1
Then use "Preview and Spellcheck Message" and post the "corrections". All of them, or just the ones you find interesting.
There was a topic like this back on the Black 2 board a while back. It was a blast so I thought I'd bring it back here. It can lead to some surprising results...

Hitmonchan: Hatemonger's, Moonshine, Admonishing.
Arbok: Yearbook, Reebok, Airbag.

Ariados: AIDS, Breads, Myriads, Arabs.
Quagsire: Quickies, Jaguars, Quakers.

Alakazam: Ageism, Orgasm, Alleges, Eczema.
Snorlax: Snorkels, Syntax, Smilax, Slags.
Roggenrola: Urogenital, Regenerate, Granola, Ridgepole.

"Preview and Spellcheck Message" is right next to "Preview Message". You know, the button you always press to post. A few people were confused by this last time.
Thank God for inner monologue. ~ Miles Edgeworth

User Info: shadowstarz77

3 years ago#2
Suggestions: Blasts, Blast's, Blasters, Blastoffs, Blaster's, Blasting, Blastoff, Blisters, Blusters, Blastoff's, Blister's, Bluster's
Pokemon X and Y hype! Team Chespin FTW.

User Info: mehmetski

3 years ago#3
Sudowoodo: widowed, Edwardo

Pikachu: cache, pickaxe, coach
Xerneas, the gay-pride Pokemon
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User Info: MoonLightCloud

3 years ago#4
Karachi, Jericho, Mirach, Kirsch, Mariachi, Crash, Creche, Earache, Karachi's

Aquas, Ragas, Aqua's, Raga's, Rajahs, Raquel, Raucous, Rays, Marquez, Rags, Squaws, Quasar, Rajah's, Ray's, Raquel's, Quiz, Racks, Rag's, Rages, Rakes, Rucks, Radars, Radius, Roku's, Gauze, Quasi, Rack's, Rage's, Ragga, Rake's, Recurs, Rogues, Rouges, Ruckus, Ragouts, Raoul's, Reyna's, Risque, Squaw's, Rogue's, Ragout, Ruiz's, Ragout's, Request, Kauai's, Radar's, Rojas's, Rouge's
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User Info: SirPikachu

3 years ago#5
Gyrados - Grads, Gyrators, Grad's, Grades, Gyrates, Gerardo's, Grady's, Grade's, Graders, Gratis, Gyros, Grids, Gyrator's, Gerard's, Credos, Grates, Grid's, Gyrator, Gyro's, Prado's, Grader's, Credo's, Grate's
gat mi swaeg ohn, aint ekven gun tuch meh.

User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#6
Ninetales: Nine tales, Nine-tales, Nineties, Nonmetals, Nonmetal's, Nineteens, Nettles, Nestles, Ninety's, Intel's, Gentles, Lintels, Rentals, Nettle's, Nantes, Gentiles, Lintel's, Nineteen's, Ninetieths, Rental's, Nanette's, Nestle's, Needles, Natalie's, Gentile's, Needle's, Ninetieth's

Espeon: Es peon, Es-peon, Esp eon, Esp-eon, ESPN, Aspen, Epson, Essen, Spoon

Milotic: Milo tic, Milo-tic, Mitotic, Melodic, Meiotic, Miltonic, Mimetic

Cresselia: Crassly, Crossly, Caresses, Creases, Crease, Crease's, Creel, Cress, Greasily, Cress's, Caressed, Creased, Crosses, Russel, Carousel, Resell, Crewel, Brasilia, Resale, Reseal, Rosella, Russell, Crasser, Crosser, Crossed, Crees, Grossly, Caress, Creepily, Caress's, Resole, Graciela, Crises, Cruses, Cree's, Cross, Crass, Crews, Cruse, Cruse's, Crew's

Cinccino: Siccing, Zincking, Jinxing, Snicking, Sanction, Nixing, Sinking, Syncing, Cynics, Cynic's, Zincs, Snacking, Zinc's

User Info: KogaSteelfang

3 years ago#7
Gardevoir: Gardener, Gardenia, Devour, Guarder, Gardner, Carder, Gadder, Garter, Girder, Garden, Griever, Cadaver, Groovier, Devi, Garvey, Grover, Cavour, Guarded, Cardiff, Takeover
3ds FC: 0817-3909-5696. PSN Grindpantera.
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User Info: toadieman

3 years ago#8
Pignite: Ignite, Lignite, Paginate, Reignite, Pinnate, Dignity
The chest is your thieving heart.

User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#9
Umbreon: Umbriel, Oberon, Umbra, Umbrella, Cumbering, Lumbering, Numbering, Embryo, Umbras, Umbrage, Umbra's, O'Brien, Embroil, Omicron

Darkrai: Dark rai, Dark-rai, Dakar, Darker, Darkie, Darkroom, Dark, Dark's, Darken, Darer, Drake, Daycare, Darkies, Darrow, Darkly, Qatari, Dare, Carrie, Dearer, Dakar's, Carr, Dirk, Dork, Dirac
Official Amnesiac Darkrai of the Pokemon X Board
You know why spiders know how to spin webs when they hatch? Because F*** You! That's why.

User Info: BottledPoe

3 years ago#10

Scalp, scrap, scrip, scroll, scrawl, scrimp, scrump, scraly, scrape, scruple, securely, squarely, scallop, scarily, scrappy
3DS FC: 3050-7585-1835- Jenna from Tea Leaf Town
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