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Type a Pokemon's name...

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User Info: Vycoul

3 years ago#21
LightningAce11 posted...
Chespin: ESPN

Thank God for inner monologue. ~ Miles Edgeworth

User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#22
uuurrrggh posted...

Hon edge, Hon-edge, Hone dge, Hone-dge, Honed ge, Honed-ge, Hodge, Hedge, Honed, Honecker, Honker, Honeydew, Hinge, Honer, Honked, Hedger, Hones, Horned, Hanger, Hone, Hunger, Honk, Honey, Nudge, Honda, Onega, Honky, Hone's

I was hoping for Stonehenge.

User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#23

Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.

User Info: Vycoul

3 years ago#24

medic ham, medic-ham, medium, modicum, madam, meerschaum, Murdoch, modish, madame, modishly

slow king, slow-king, sleeking, slicking, slowing, slaking, slacking, slogging, sulking, scowling, slinking, locking, looking, sloughing, soaking, socking, slewing, sloping, smoking, stoking, blocking, cloaking, clocking, flocking, slobbing, slopping, sloshing, slotting, smocking, spooking, stocking, slagging, slugging
Thank God for inner monologue. ~ Miles Edgeworth

User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#25
Fennekin: Finnegan, Finking, Funking, Funneling, Heineken, Franking, Fanning, Fencing, Fending, Mencken, Flanking, Flunking

User Info: FantasyFreak999

3 years ago#26
Bulbs, Bulb's, Bulbous, Blabs, Balboas, Belabours, Belabour, Blab's, Blurbs, Blobs, Bilbo's, Balboa's, Blase, Belabors, Blabbers, Blob's, Blubbers, Bubs, Bulb, Blurb's, Bilbao, Belabor, Blabber, Blubber, Bolas, Bub's, Bulls, Burbs, Bulks, Blazer, Bluesier, Bull's, Bulk's, Burbs's, Blubber's, Bela's, Bola's, Bubo's, Bella's, Bully's
3DS FC: 3265-5634-7751

User Info: Tigo73

3 years ago#27

Amphora's, Amparo's, Amphora, Amphorae, Emphasis, Amorous, Amperes, Emphases, Amaru's, Afros, Alvaro's, Ampere's, Afro's

The man who will steal your candles.
Official Omoikane of the SMT IV board.

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#28
Rayquaza = Araguaya
Druddigon = Erudition
Tyrantrum = Tyrant rum (lol)
Aron = Aron Do you wanna be cool?
Join the Reservoir Dragons! Support Draceon
for 2013!

User Info: Kementarri

3 years ago#29

Nine tales, Nine-tales, Nineties, Nonmetals, Nonmetal's, Nineteens, Nettles, Nestles, Ninety's, Intel's, Gentles, Lintels, Rentals, Nettle's, Nantes, Gentiles, Lintel's, Nineteen's, Ninetieths, Rental's, Nanette's, Nestle's, Needles, Natalie's, Gentile's, Needle's, Ninetieth's
Caldazar Sedai Level 50 SMN
Server: Coeurl

User Info: kirbydude385

3 years ago#30
Manectric: Magnetic, Metric, Panegyric, Electric, Selectric, Mercuric, Nonelectric, Mantra, Mantras, Manicuring, Manicure, Meteoric, Monastic, Mandarin, Manicured, Dielectric, Manicures, Mantra's, Manicure's

Galvantula: Gallantly, Glandular, Gallivants, Gallivant, Gallivanting, Gallivanted, Relevantly

Volcarona: Volcano, Vulgarian, Velcros, Velcro, Vulcan, Velcro's, Vulgarians, Valerian, Vulgarian's

Blaziken: Blacken, Blazing, Blazon, Blacking, Blanking, Balkan

Haxorus: Hoaxers, Hoaxer's, Hoaxes, Hexes, Hoax's, Uxorious, Hex's, Hickories, Hickory's, Hegiras, Huxley's, Hegira's, Luxury's, Caesuras, Caesura's

Ferrothorn: Frothing, Frothier, Freetown, Freeborn, Freephone, Ferreting, Ferrymen, Froth, Frothed, Frothy, Froths, Ferryman, Fruition, Froth's, Forenoon, Freshen, Marathon, Farthing, Feathering, Furthering, Frown
Official Manectric and Creator of the B/W, BW2, and XY Boards Clan
Official Dawn of the BW2 Boards
Khaini: ImSooBipolar - 14x Luminous
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