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name your favorite Hoenn pokemon

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User Info: reflectives

3 years ago#1
id have to say Mawile or Registeel.
They are super neat Pokemon and look really great and I had both of them in my BW2 run :-)

Which one is (are) yours?

User Info: mralpha543

3 years ago#2
Rocket Professor ~ R ~ Support Elesa! Real Arceus. Third Version M 2/26/13
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User Info: KyrieIrving

3 years ago#3

User Info: Jack_the_monke7

3 years ago#4
Plusle, Minun, Kecleon, Rayquaza, Sabeleye, Seviper, and Sharpedo come to mind. I hated a lot of gen 3 designs but these were a few I adored. I guess favorite probably goes to Sabeleye.
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User Info: MechaKirby

3 years ago#5
GTag/PSN: MechaknightX [][] Tales of Vesperia Translation progress: Dahngrest (1st visit)

User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#6
PSN: YoninXI 3DS FC:1161-1061-8447
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User Info: Prodozul

3 years ago#7

User Info: AuroraUltima

3 years ago#8
Black holes are cool...
Fangirls are gamers too...
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User Info: BionicLotus

3 years ago#9
Milotic. My favourite Pokemon ever!
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
3 years ago#10

Tortoises! :D - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.
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