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People in Canada...

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User Info: TheDecepticons

3 years ago#51
That picture is just the shelf preorder Prep box. Its not the actual game at all. EB uses them for wall displays. It is not the actual game copy. A main release wouldnt even have a tag on it until later. As they would be selling in frequency so there wouldnt be a tag on them anyway.
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User Info: puny_rikku

3 years ago#52
its not out anywhere in Ontario~
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User Info: EpyonGundamCu

3 years ago#53
Woohoo my copy shipped!
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User Info: aaron1111

3 years ago#54
EpyonGundamCu posted...
Woohoo my copy shipped!

Who did You order from?

User Info: EpyonGundamCu

3 years ago#55
Pm me if you wanr details
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User Info: EMario1

3 years ago#56
Today is no doubt the day to start checking the obvious places like Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. Most should be getting their game shipments in today, although you may have the pester them to go check stock in the back, as most probably won't have it out on the shelves until tomorrow.

User Info: ch1efer

3 years ago#57
I just dropped my wife off at work (Shoppers) And I saw Poke Merch on a cart about to stock shelves. I didn't see the game but I bet they have it. We'll see. I may go to another shoppers and see if they will sell me one. I don't want to get my wife's work in trouble by selling early.
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User Info: QuagsireQing

3 years ago#58
FiendingHard posted...
You all are getting trolled so hard. Those photos are from an employee who works at EB Games. He either took the photos at work or his manager was cool with him buying copies early and ringing the purchase into the system on release date.

I used to work at EB Games and Pokemon shipments usually come in at least a week in advance. If you think stores are just selling copies to anyone, you're wrong. Your best bet at this point is if you're really friendly with a local shop and they trust you.

The photos were obviously taken at EB Games, but they are not pictures of the games. They are pictures of the promotional sleeves that Nintendo sent to stores, put inside blank 3DS cases, priced, and placed on shelves to promote the game. The actual copies of the game will not arrive in stores until later today.

Guys, chill out and wait for the weekend. There are no major electronics retailers that will be selling this before Saturday. Everybody knows about street dates, and they aren't going to break them. Fire Emblem was one, single incident, and the early sales were approved by Nintendo. That will not happen with Pokémon, not when the simultaneous global launch is so important.

If anyone here is from Calgary and attending The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses on Friday night before heading to a midnight launch, I'll see you then.
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User Info: lv2sasukeuchiha

3 years ago#59
It seems staples might have received the game into their stores as the store availability online changed from not available to status temporarily unavailable. Shoppers might have it too since I saw this listed in their online flyers still stated for the 12th though. Not sure if shoppers break street dates.
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User Info: TheDecepticons

3 years ago#60
those are just the PREORDER display boxes that EB puts on their shelf. Its not the actual boxes at all. i could go over to my local EB an they have about 20 of them on the wall right now.
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