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Fans should begin designing new pokemon instead of the Pokemon team

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User Info: evoxpisces

4 years ago#1
I was somewhat disappointed by Gen 5's starter evolutions, and now gen 6's? I don't like any of them. I know some people like the final evos but I've definitely seen some fakes that were better looking than the real things. I almost feel like the next Pokemon game would be better off leaving the pokemon designs in the hands of the fans. No I don't mean just any fan, I mean maybe hold a contest and the Pokemon team picks the best ones. Or maybe the fans vote on the best. Either way I think it would be better than the stuff we've been given this gen.
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User Info: Zetathekitsune2

4 years ago#2
You guys are so entitled it is literally painful

User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

4 years ago#3
That wouldn't work.
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User Info: ectoBiologist

4 years ago#4
no. game freak doesn't care about some angry neckbeards on the internet not liking things in a game targeted at children.
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#5
Honestly, I don't think it's always a good idea for every pokmon to look the "best" or the "coolest"... things would probably get very same-y and boring.

User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#6
Hell nah
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User Info: 17Master

4 years ago#7
If there's anything I've observed, it's that fan ideas are, on average, ****ing horrific.

So, no.

User Info: moup94

4 years ago#8
I don't thing I've seen a single fakemon final gen 6 evo that was worse than the actual ones. It's expected that some will be better for ALL the fake ones to be better... oh gamefreak why you do this

User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
4 years ago#9
I'm sure whatever you design will be complete **** TC.
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User Info: GeneralKenobi85

4 years ago#10
Hell no
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
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  3. Fans should begin designing new pokemon instead of the Pokemon team

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