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So how does Sylveon evolve? *Spoilers*

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User Info: Izanagi09

4 years ago#11
Ok probably time to get some sleep lol. Sorry I meant how does Eevee evolve into Sylveon.

User Info: Aeonin

4 years ago#12
jneal57 posted...
EmptyStar12 posted...
Toast doesn't go in a toaster, bread does.

Same concept with Eevee/ Sylveon.

but where does the bread go when the toast pops out?

The bread evolves into the toast. I thought that was obvious.
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User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#13
EmptyStar12 posted...
Toast doesn't go in a toaster, bread does.

Exactly. TC, let me demonstrate *grabs Eevee plushie*

Oh! I'm a little Eevee, and when I evolve, I want to be a SYLVEON!

Eevee! Becomes a Sylveon!

Eevee! Becomes Sylveon!




(I really hope we were on the same wavelength here.)
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User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#14
Izanagi09 posted...
Has anyone figured it out?

Apparently you have a dragon Pokemon kick Eevee in the groin until it can no longer feel it.
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User Info: Anthoba32

4 years ago#15
I wonder about it too, how does one obtain this Svlveon?

User Info: shotero

4 years ago#16
Hit with enough fairy moves maybe
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User Info: empireoffire

4 years ago#17
shotero posted...
Hit with enough fairy moves maybe

This would be by far the worse possible method needed for evolution after getting max Beauty.
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  3. So how does Sylveon evolve? *Spoilers*

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