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Why do so many people not use the 3D on the 3DS?

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User Info: atopp399

3 years ago#181
I don't use it because I have to think about it. It is not natural and it's like I have to concentrate or refocus too much on the screen rather than just enjoy the game.

User Info: Taiphlosion

3 years ago#182
I'm blind of my left eye
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User Info: zen120

3 years ago#183
apparently those 10% are all on this board.
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#184
It drains the battery. I only use it when I'm charging.
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User Info: Midgard777

3 years ago#185
I use the 3D effects all the time because it adds to the experience for me. Also, i don't mind the shorter battery life, mainly because I don't have that much time to play my 3DS any more. What I find strange is how many people have issues with holding the 3DS in the same spot. I have no special ability to hold still, and I tend to actually move around alot if I try and sit still for any amount of time but I've never had an issue with seeing the 3D effects

User Info: Kraytdragon444

3 years ago#186
I can see the effect just fine, and it doesn't hurt my eyes, but here's why I personally don't make use of it:

1: It drains your battery.

2: The effect would be more impressive if it added "pop-up" rather than just depth

3: It's the kinda thing you show your friends once so they go "woooah" and buy one.

4: It makes the images jaggier

5: It decreases the framerate on certain games (If you turn off the 3D from the menu in monster hunter 3, you get a noticeable framerate boost.)

6: It's not really required for any games aside from some aesthetics.

7: The DS adding touch screen added new ways to manipulate menus and solve puzzles etc. The 3D in 3DS doesn't add any new innovative ways to play games.

8: Its just not as pleasing on a small screen compared to playing on a desktop computer.

I'm not saying the 3D is bad, or anything like that, but those are some of the reasons I personally don't use it.

User Info: fadeca

3 years ago#187
Its hurts my eyes everytime I turn it on, and plus its a 100% useless gimmick.

User Info: narutogeek101

3 years ago#188
It literally makes my eyes start to hurt if I have it on too long. I do turn it on for cutscenes though.

User Info: Unbridled9

3 years ago#189
Cause it takes a lot of fine tuning to get just the right setting, then someone bumps you and it's all for nothing.
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User Info: Zarren364

3 years ago#190
I'm almost legally blind in one eye so the whole 3d thing doesn't work that well for me. Otherwise I don't really see how it can add that much into the game that I can't get without turning it on. I also think that it drains the battery faster, but I'm 100% sure on that.
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