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Stop trying to fix Delphox!!!!

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User Info: biohazard151

4 years ago#31
Mewtwo_soul posted...
biohazard151 posted...
The thing is, the art isnt what i play with, so although a really cool artists rendition of the pokemon (or even the official art) can make it look good or passable, it all ends up being what does it look like in game.

And from what i saw, delphox in game looks like a plain but creepy human with a small hobo fox head

Although true, at least it does make it somewhat bearable.

If i could hypnotize myself to see some of the cool art of "it" going around, i could possibly choose it as a starter. As is, it looks just awful right now.
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User Info: glitchunter75

4 years ago#32
Delphox as is looks... lopsided.

The upper half is so thin compared to that billowy fur dress. And what happen to Braixen's rod?

I was expecting her to be holding the a larger stick, with a sort of fur cape billowing in the wind. Think a fox version of Palutena from KI:U.

Though as a Greek mythology buff, I must say the name is still very cool.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#33
AlbinoCrocodile posted...
I saw r34 of it and now it's better.

If you don't like what i say, ignore list is there for a reason.
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