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Pokemon Friend codes (add urs for add)

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User Info: RobertAgius

3 years ago#21
Add me :)
3DS FC: 3282 - 2711 - 8707
PSN: SnoopyBryan

User Info: cnart216

3 years ago#22
Added everyone so far.
Friend code is 1891_1289_3683

User Info: crollsy

3 years ago#23
0946-2708-2886 is mine :) Add me, I'm about to go through this topic and add you all.
This world has been connected...

User Info: rfom123

3 years ago#24
In my sig :).
Black2 FC : 4728 9052 0332
3DS FC : 0001 3296 0326

User Info: Xeiros

3 years ago#25
In my sig.
3DS FC: 0044 - 2816 - 4438

User Info: Panda_Kun

3 years ago#26
FC is 5026 4694 6977

Make sure to PM me.
"I'm great. You're dead. I think we're done here."
October 12th: Mark it.

User Info: The_Chadillac

3 years ago#27
Mine is in my sig.
3DS Friend Code: 4699-5736-3472
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