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Your top 5 least liked Kalos Pokemon

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User Info: Nomorice4U

3 years ago#1
1. Chesnaught (a complete let down)
2. Barbaracle - haven't seen something so horrific since garbage bag
3. Quiladin - a downhill sign I couldn't get myself to see
4. The candy line - stupid at its worst
5. Mega Mewtwo X - was never a fan of Janemba
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User Info: deathbycookies

3 years ago#2

ok with the rest :)
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User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Hejiru

3 years ago#4
The Honedge line and Mr. Tongue Scarf
Clauncher evo and Flabebe's final look kinda weird too :/
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#5
Least? Hmm...

1) Spritzee
2) Spritzee's evo
3) Swirlix
4) Swirlix's evo
5 Delphox (I was never going to choose it, but it really doesn't look cool to me.)

I can live with Goomy and his kool-aid drinking buddies, the Keyring Pokemon who I will teach to steal Card Keys... but those top 4... they are just bad. Plasbad.
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User Info: Radeon165

3 years ago#6
1. Delphox
2. Delphox
3. Delphox
4. Delphox
5. Delphox

User Info: AlbinoCrocodile

3 years ago#7
Insert melodramatic hate about Delphox here.

Anyways, there's none I really dislike aside from Slurpuff or Binacle.
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User Info: deidara21

3 years ago#8
SuperSonicDBZ posted...
Least? Hmm...

1) Spritzee
2) Spritzee's evo
3) Swirlix
4) Swirlix's evo
5) Sylveon
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User Info: Paradai

3 years ago#9
in no particular order
Spritzee's evo
Binacle's evo

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#10
1. Derp-fox (What an abomination! Even worse than Samurott!)
2. Frugly (lol)
3. Aromatisse (However you spell it)
4. That cake/cupcake (Swirlix's ugly evo)
5. Claucnher (Blehh) Do you wanna be cool?
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