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Things you were wrong about in Gen 6

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User Info: Xazeal

3 years ago#11
I thought Honedge and Flabébé would be single stage Pokémon.

I didn't really try to predict much else.
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User Info: DoctorApollo

3 years ago#12
leonodo posted...
The starters final typing.

Expected water fighting and grass dark...
Pretty sure everyone expected it too

I mean, when Frogadier was revealed, it was a bit obvious that Greninja was going to be Dark.

User Info: d_charizard

3 years ago#13
I expected Honedge to be standalone. And didn't expect Doublade to evolve. I also expected more loathsome 3D gimmicks. (From what I've seen, most of the 3D effects are actually pretty nice, thankfully.) Also expected Hawlucha to evolve. And didn't anticipate Fletchinder's existence.

Not ashamed of any of this, however. Being wrong happens, it's not like it has any real consequences.

User Info: Firelion6593

3 years ago#14
WolfJounin posted...
It isn't disproved yet, but so far it is. Nintendo cash cowing over DLC (but not all of it), adding payed DLC event pokemon/shinys/former starters/etc etc. Who knows, it may happen in the future.

Masuda (the game director) is completely against the idea of paid DLC. Any game developed by Game Freak won't have paid DLC as long as he's in charge.

But more on-topic, I thought Honedge would be standalone. I also thought Chesnaught would be Grass/Dark and Greninja would be Water/Fighting before they were revealed.
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