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So... Will Steel be (again) the reigning type this gen? Call it.

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User Info: raazychx

3 years ago#1
Its loss in resistance to Dark and to Ghost might make it less mighty, but it has an immunity to the boosted Poison type, and it's super effective against the new type.

Of course, there will be new super-effective type moves against normally-resistant types... Freeze Dry does super-effective damage against Water pokes. Wonder if there will be others?

Call it, what will this gen's strongest type be?

User Info: refmon

3 years ago#2
Dragon as usual
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User Info: uuurrrggh

3 years ago#3
I feel a tie between Ghost, Fairy and Steel.
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User Info: Santiagofrf

3 years ago#4
Ghost I say
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User Info: chronifused2

3 years ago#5
Ghost will be fun to use
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

3 years ago#6
Steel will definitely be the strongest type this gen. Fighting could've contested if it got better pokemon but none of the new fighting types look spectacular and on top of that Fairy type beats Fighting. Water didn't really change overall. Meanwhile steel gets Aegislash and it's now super effective against the new Fairy type which is something.
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User Info: Nitharad

3 years ago#7
Many many new fire types will put a dent in steels crown.

User Info: Issa_5

3 years ago#8
I reckon it'll be a tossup between Ghost, Steel and Fairy but I'm leaning towards Steel.

User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

3 years ago#9
Gonna go with Rock.
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

3 years ago#10
SorrowOfAcheron posted...
Gonna go with Rock.

Good ole rock, nothing beats that!
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  3. So... Will Steel be (again) the reigning type this gen? Call it.

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