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National Dex..

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User Info: lYMICrazyl

3 years ago#1


Chespin starts at 650 and it ends with Yveltal at 717
*Straps on some lollerskates*

User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#2
Oh dear.
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User Info: biohazard151

3 years ago#3
oh boyyyyyy
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User Info: Moskido

3 years ago#4
Let the rage commence.
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User Info: Sebas27

3 years ago#5
Oh come on :/
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User Info: GaiamageX

3 years ago#6
70 Pokemon is pretty much true now assuming Yveltal is near the end.
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User Info: Reno_Tarshil

3 years ago#7

Diamond and Perals regional dex ended with like Dialga and Palkia but there was a loads more unreveiled in the regional dex that were new.
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User Info: biohazard151

3 years ago#8
oh gosh
"What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end"

User Info: Dusk_

3 years ago#9
biohazard151 posted...
oh boyyyyyy
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User Info: Tigo73

3 years ago#10
Canīt acess the link.

Someone lay It on me.
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