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pokedex listed

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User Info: RedShadowww

4 years ago#11
Wow...this is extremely disappointing. I mean I expected there to be not much content cause when series get a huge graphical overall they usually have less content...but less than 70 new pokemon?...and only the cover legendaries? I swear if GF gives us event legendaries it better be legit in game events and not just handed to you in your PC.

Also has Dragalge's typing been leaked yet?
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

4 years ago#12
yoshirpg posted...
Ac3777 posted...
There might be 5 extra pokemon:

obligatory Z legendary
1 mew-esque


Did lugia and ho-oh have a 3rd legendary partner (not counting suicune)? No.
Did Mewtwo have two partners? No.

The rest I agree.

I find it irritating how so many people are CERTAIN that Pokemon Z will be released. These are the same people that insisted that Pokemon Gray was going to come out, but what did we get instead?

We still had Kyurem all the same though, and the focus was on Kyurem. See, unlike all the other 'this happened a lot in previous pokemon games so it MUST happen here' logic claims... this one is most likely to hold true because of sales. A third game in the same region will exist for more sales and it will come with new features to give players a reason to buy it... and I would say a focus on another legendary is probably one of the primary points of purchase.

I'm also pretty shocked there's no trio. That said, 9 pokemon existed after Dialga and Palkia, not all of them were events either. But either way, it seems like '70-ish' is true, oh well. Still a good set of pokemon

User Info: Yveltal

4 years ago#13
Gen 6 sucks confirmed.
Gen 6 is going to suck. I'm the only cool thing about Gen 6.
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