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GameFreak has joined the ranks of EA and Capcom

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User Info: LordYggdrasilXX

4 years ago#1
Charging us more money for less content.. I thought Nintendo was the last bastion of hope and honor in this generation of greedy companies that rip you off with DLC and less content, but I was wrong.
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User Info: Sagadego

4 years ago#2
not sure if trolling.
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User Info: seth_sage12300

4 years ago#3
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#4
Sagadego posted...
not sure if trolling.

I certainly am.

User Info: SilverSaint7

4 years ago#5
Oh please.
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User Info: Firelion6593

4 years ago#6
He's trolling. Masuda won't let Game Freak have paid DLC.
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User Info: Metaun

4 years ago#7
700 Pokemon in 3D Cel-Shading alongside 50 forms available as Mega EVOs; and entirely new plot and a new type; revamp of the entire battle system with new moves and the like; and new innovative features.

They haven't made DLC even.
Give it up.
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User Info: kingtrace

4 years ago#8
New pokemon are not the only content this game offers, but fine.

We'll ignore the new adventure.

We'll ignore the new type.

We'll ignore the new graphics.

We'll ignore the new method of evolution.

We'll ignore the massive region dex.

We'll ignore the 35-45 hour main story in a forty dollar game.

Just because they didn't hit some arbitrary standard number that doesn't really exist, this game has less content. Thanks for letting us know.
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