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Ya think Nintendo expected this kind of reaction?

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User Info: CrimsonCerberus

3 years ago#1
Do you think Nintendo expected this kind of reaction to the number of new Pokémon and that's partly/wholly why they tried for a worldwide release and media blackout before release? - Results (122 votes)
71.31% (87 votes)
28.69% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm thinking they might just know us better than I thought. :P
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User Info: Exaetellus

3 years ago#2
Nintendo didn't even want us to know about 40 of the Pokemon we know now. What do you think?
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User Info: Puglia77

3 years ago#3
This is what happens when the government shuts down.

User Info: lYMICrazyl

3 years ago#4
They knew. I want to see if they ignore the backlash and pretend nothing happened.
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User Info: LOOOPS

3 years ago#5
I think it's hilarious, the thought of them just trying to swindle us like that.

User Info: bbkkristian

3 years ago#6
A few people complain on the Internet, what's new?
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User Info: Dohboy101

3 years ago#7
Even thought it take a while to make and animate in 3d now I still think they shouldve aimed for more

not feeling entitled here just saying they were like ehhhh megas should help cut down the amount of animation we will do by keeping the previous forms

instead of animating 30+ more new pokes

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#8
Hell no. They didn't even think it would leak like this.

Now they have NO control over how we're getting this information. Someone's head is rolling over there.

We will almost never get another worldwide release again. And I am okay with that. Rather have all the info available before I decide to buy a Pokemon game and when. I can wait the 6 months.
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User Info: scorpio man

scorpio man
3 years ago#9
This forum is sick to read
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User Info: BLAKUboy

3 years ago#10
They won't care. The people complaining about the number are just a small drop in the vast ocean of Pokemon game sales.
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