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User Info: R-A-V

4 years ago#1



Just putting that out there.
What do these initials stand for? The world's greatest mystery.

User Info: Aejaduka

4 years ago#2
Sounds like a terrible name for a pokemon with a sword and shield.

User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

4 years ago#3
We neeed images
...once again, my mind crumbles to Kooky's logic!-MetaFalconPunch
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User Info: Exaetellus

4 years ago#4
Is it real?
Disappear and dissolve, a weakening wall will one day fall.

User Info: Firelion6593

4 years ago#5
Wait, what?
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#6
Aejaduka posted...
Sounds like a terrible name for a pokemon with a sword and shield.

User Info: ISECream

4 years ago#7
It's real. Type I think Dragon/Ground

User Info: TheSilverWyvern

4 years ago#8
Exaetellus posted...
Is it real?

According to Kanpachi over on SA, it is. Ground/Dragon for anyone just hearing about it.

User Info: biohazard151

4 years ago#9
ISECream posted...
It's real. Type I think Dragon/Ground

no but seriosuly provide someeeeeeething for us to check reliability
like a link, maybe explain who said it and why they are reliable (not asking you to do that much just maybe) ya some guy named x said it and he leaked Y, heres the link
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User Info: Staticnova

4 years ago#10
I couldn't find proof of it; only talk about it on /vp/

It's in a post-game area.
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