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Gen 7's Legendaries should be based on Greek Mythology.

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User Info: Duncanwii

4 years ago#1
A Grass/Fairy Gaia Legendary, A Flying Apollo Legendary, and Dark/Fire Hades Legendary make up the trio with a Electric/Fighting Zeus Legendary as the leader of the trio.
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User Info: Genericgamer667

4 years ago#2
the zue pokemon's ability will be to be infauted to every single pokemon in existance
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User Info: yoshirulezzz

4 years ago#3
Gen 8 should be fairy/water Athena legendary

User Info: Dethgaze66

4 years ago#4
no way. they should be based on h.p lovecraft's works
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User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#5
they should be type combos that cancel each other out
like fight/grass vs fire/fairy
or water/rock vs......oh nvm
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User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#6
Aww, why Hades gotta be Dark?
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User Info: BoredSoUhmm

4 years ago#7
Those three don't really go well together though. If anything it should be Poseidon(Water) instead of Apollo for sure. Gaia doesn't really fit either in that trio but I don't know who to replace that with.

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

4 years ago#8
Can we get a Julius Caesar Pokemon?

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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#9
Zeus should be an Electric/Flying Pegasus.
Hades should be a Ghost/Fire Cerberus.
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User Info: DoctorWholittle

4 years ago#10
I agree that Hades would be better as Ghost/Fire. Dark is mostly for dirty fighting, but Hades really isn't such a bad guy. He just rules the underworld, which is filled with dead people.
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