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Gen 7's Legendaries should be based on Greek Mythology.

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User Info: stranksy

4 years ago#11
Duncanwii posted...
A Grass/Fairy Gaia Legendary, A Flying Apollo Legendary, and Dark/Fire Hades Legendary make up the trio with a Electric/Fighting Zeus Legendary as the leader of the trio.

Why would you have Gaia, Apollo, Hades, and Zeus? Gaia is a Titan, grandmother to Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, etc... I like the idea of a Greek-inspired game, but let's make a logical trio, here. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades should be the main legendary trio, with either Kronos, Gaia, or Oranos as the trio master. I'd probably go with Zeus as an Electric/Flying (or just straight Electric) ram or eagle, Poseidon as a Water/Ground (because earthquakes and the ocean) horse (because Poseidon created horses, yo!), and Hades as probably.... Ghost/Fighting 3-headed-dog?
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User Info: wookieworker89

4 years ago#12
Aphrodites: Fairy
Apollo: Fighting/Flying
Ares: Fighting/Steel
Athena: Psychic/Fairy, Psychic/Water, Psychic/Fighting, Fairy/Water, Fairy/Fighting,
Demeter: Ground/Grass
Hades: Fire/Ghost, Fire/Dark
Hermes: Fairy/Flying
Poseidon: Water/Fighting, Water/Ground
Zeus: Electric/Fighting

(Other Greek figures)
Pegasus: Fairy/Flying
Gaia: Grass/Ground, Grass/Fairy, Ground/Fairy

Honestly, a Greek Mythology based gen could be really fun

User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#13
DoctorWholittle posted...
I agree that Hades would be better as Ghost/Fire. Dark is mostly for dirty fighting, but Hades really isn't such a bad guy. He just rules the underworld, which is filled with dead people.

Hades is the biggest troll ever in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

4 years ago#14
What about Thanatos? Ghost/ something?
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