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Seriously why are you guys so whiny?

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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#51
Lapras24 posted...
I may have implied that they were lazy but that was out of frustration. Of course I don't think they just sit around and play computer games or whatever all day long. Mr. Masuda is someone who I still very much admire.

What I'm frustrated the most is during the development of the games, they actually didn't consider that it was a bad idea to include so few new Pokemon.

I guess they thought Mega Evolution was going to be warmly welcomed by everyone. It was at first, until it seemingly appears that the lack of new Pokemon was due to Mega Evolutions.

Remember, they can't cater to everything the fans want. Fans wanted Charizard to be Fire/Dragon, fans wanted fully realized 'mons like Gyarados to evolve. Mega Evolution was their answer to that. People wanted to be able to feel more connected to their Pokemon, hence Pokemon Amie. People also wanted EV training to be easier, hence Super Training. Also, people would have complained if GF took longer to introduce more new Pokemon because people were complaining that we didn't have a main-series game on 3DS last year. Next gen will probably be one where they introduce less new mechanics, but a metric s***-ton of new Pokemon. At least, it should be following the older games' patterns.
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