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I'm sorry for wanting more new Pokemon in a new generation.

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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#11
I do too, but I don't want "more" Pokemon if 20% are going to be expies and filler.

I mean, yeah, we got a butt-load of 'mons in Gen V, but they remade the Geodue, Machop, Zubat, and Tentacool lines because we didn't have the originals to annoy us in caves or water routes. We also had to have the obligatory Pikachu clone and useless, regional rodent.

While, yes, we got some of the may-stay standards again (the regional Pikachu, rodent, and bug), there are less filler Pokemon this time around because many Pokemon from previous generations are here as well spread across three regional dexes.

Would I have liked to see more Pokemon? Yes, without a doubt. Am I happy with Quality over Quantity? Yes.

Also, we have to consider this being their first time making 3D models for everything, the first world-wide release, and Mega Evolutions, they probably didn't have as much time to make more Pokemon as opposed to Gen V. Gen IV -> V was, what, four-five years? Gen V -> Gen VI was two-three.
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User Info: p00platys

4 years ago#12
Pale_Heart posted...
I'm sorry but there are so many spoiled Pokemon fans all over the place in this board. I mean, there's already 700+ Pokemon to choose from and let's be honest, people are only going to stick with about 10 and ignore the others anyway.

Yeah. But I'd rather catch new Pokemon than other Pokemon I've already seen and used for years. You say I'd only use about 10 of them, but do you know me? I like catching as many as possible and training them so I can have a huge variety of new 'mons to try and choose from.

You can see why this would be disappointing for someone like me.
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User Info: BionicLotus

4 years ago#13
People are allowed to be disappointed, it doesn't make you entitled at all! The complaints are for the small percentage of people announcing their disappointment to get a reaction. eg. "I'm cancelling my pre-order!" "Nintendo are idiots for doing this!" "Game Freak messed up!"

And the ones going up and down in every thread saying how angry and ticked off they are.

Disappointment is normal, if something isn't the way you had hoped, it's only natural, but as long as you aren't overreacting to it, then no one should really have a problem with that.
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User Info: Kagayaku08

4 years ago#14
I don't get why people would be disappointed at all. More of the same content doesn't equate to a worse experience. Post game content will still be more, or less, the same as previous generations: battle tower with the 3rd legendary becoming available etc.

Its hard to believe that there aren't any other legendares after Zygarde. The boss doesn't have to be the last pokemon
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User Info: GamerFan210

4 years ago#15
Apparently people have no clue how long it takes to create and animate 3D characters and creatures. If they understood that then they would understand why they can't put 100 new pokemon. Game Freak is trying their best so give them some breathing room.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#18
Houndoomed posted...
There's 88 (so far). Megas count.

If you're gonna say they don't, then the gen 4 evolutions of the old Pokemon don't count either. Now calculate how many new ones were there. I don't feel like it.

Do the same with gen 2 and 3 too, if you're going to do it, please. I'm pretty curious about the numbers of actual new Pokemon in those.

No they don't, and that's a terrible example.

Megas are more like Castform, Darmanitan's Zen Form or Cherrim's Sunny Form. They are temporary form changes that do not count as separate Pokemon. Hell even if they were potentially permanent they probably wouldn't count as different Pokemon (after all, we don't consider Arceus to be 18 different Pokemon, Kyurem as three, Keldeo or the Kami Trio as two, or Rotom as...6? 7?)

The Gen 4 evolutions were actual Pokemon. Mega evolutions are just slightly upgraded variations on forms.

And I don't say that to bash or belittle them. I just say that because it's a fact. A puppy is not a waffle iron. Saying that is not an insult to the puppy. It's just not what it is.
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