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for the whole 70 pokemon thing

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User Info: DarknessLink7

3 years ago#11
Kitaroo posted...
DarknessLink7 posted...
In Diamond and Pearl, only 61 non-legendary, not-evolution-or-pre-evolution-of-an-old-pokemon were introduced, so this is not that bad actually.

I don't know why some keep using this argument. It doesn't matter, a new pokemon is a new pokemon, you don't need to be so random to justify your opinion.

Well, I for one didn't feel like there were too few new Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl when I played them, but when I heard the whole "omg noez only 70 new Pokémon in X and Y!" I was a little disappointed. However, Gen 4 shows that you don't need a whole lot of new Pokémon to be awesome.
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