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Pokemon Trainer AZ (spoilers)

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User Info: Deitylight

3 years ago#51
AZ just earned my respect.
Why did his pokemon have to leave him after all that?
He did it for him/her....

User Info: Enfusionist

3 years ago#52
He's the counter-balance to all the emphasis on fashion in X and Y.

You don't need to look gorgeous to be the king.
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User Info: Chandler014

3 years ago#53
Wait.... Is this for real, or a Joke?
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User Info: JC152

3 years ago#54
Chandler014 posted...
Wait.... Is this for real, or a Joke?

This is no joke.

*Major Spoilers*
the device he used to revive and destroy seems to be what Team Flare is after, as there are pics of "Logan" doing the typical "exposition while not looking at the character."

User Info: avenue20

3 years ago#55
his pokemon probably hint for something

User Info: BrightStar7

3 years ago#56
Well all of them are old. Sigilyph and Golurk are ancient mons and Torkoal probably lives for eons. I expect him to get an upgrade sometime with stuff like Claydol etc.
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