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Dragon Type is the new Poison Type.

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User Info: Daemonscharm

3 years ago#1
It's only SE against dragon and despite having 4 resistances, it now has 3 weaknesses (one of which are immune)

Poison was given a major buff while dragon became lawl worthy.

F*** and S***.

User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#2
Um... good?

Also, it's the new psychic type circa 2nd gen, rather than gen 1 psychic.
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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

3 years ago#3
Dragon hasn't become lol-worthy
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User Info: Firelion6593

3 years ago#4
Dragon type needed a nerf badly. The only type that even resisted it before was Steel, and even then Dragons could just run over Steel types with Fire/Ground moves. Heatran@Air Balloon is pretty much the only way to even hopefully counter Dragon types in the Gen V metagame (at least it seems that way to me).

Poison type needed the buff, as it's only SE against Grass pre-Gen VI. About the only good thing about it was Toxic.
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User Info: Lizuka8002

3 years ago#5
Dragons still have statistically the highest average stat total and generally have very large move pools. Plus the only thing outside of Fairy that resists them is Steel. They're fine.

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

3 years ago#6
Yes, because obviously Dragon's can't kill anything with neutral damage moves. Oh, wait a minute.
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User Info: VIIVincent

3 years ago#7
Poison Pokemon dont have a DD.

DD + no STAB attack = still pretty frickin effective
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User Info: scitch1

3 years ago#8
dragons need to nerf as they usally have massive stats and are op

its about time they had new things to worry about

User Info: Staticnova

3 years ago#9
It's worth it for Poison to be buffed.
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