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Do you intend to use the event Torchic?

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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#21
legitgamer405 posted...
RedYoshi27 posted...
I can breed another one if I need to prepare it competitively. Does it come with a special move? If so then he'll be benched. Otherwise he's seeing some PT on my team =P.

Hidden Abilities cannot be passed from males, sadly. :(

Mega Blaziken still has Speed Boost so I doubt it matters.
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User Info: Hamiwiful

3 years ago#22
Event Pokémon remains for collection.

User Info: felica

3 years ago#23
Yes. it will probably be my fire type. Hopefully I can get my hands on a ditto when it comes time to ev train one.
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User Info: d_charizard

3 years ago#24
No, but not because I think Torchic suck... I never use event Pokemon ingame. It's kinda... Unfair to a degree. Either way, there's so many Pokemon in X/Y I probably won't even use my Charmander. >.>

User Info: Linda666

3 years ago#25
I will but only if I don't have wrong getting it tho because it going be my first time using event pokemon
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