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Picture of all three Pokedexs

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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#31
SUGARASHAD posted...
these* are pkmn you can get before the national dex.. the birds and Mewtwo are in the national so please stop trying to count them.. the blank spots are older pkmn not yet found

OR newer PKMN not yet seen?
Is it still possible to see newer PKMN? Besides the Mew variant? Do you wanna be cool?
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User Info: Charocks

3 years ago#32
Pidgey line avalible early along with a few other solid choices. This may be my most balanced team since Emerald!
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User Info: Kodakliv

3 years ago#33
Now are all those red spots pokemon we haven't found yet? so there is still hope for more new pokemon or is 69 it?

User Info: darkflame_fenix

3 years ago#34
Ok, just to clear up since it seems I'm not the only one confused, with the national dex are all the spots filled from the last gen v pokemon up to zygarde? Is that why everyone is assuming only 69 new pokes?
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User Info: VoidBeyond

3 years ago#35
Hirokey123 posted...
majora999 posted...
Hirokey123 posted...
Mewtwo can't be caught till post game so it's probably in the national dex.

But I thought the guy found Mewtwo and Zapdos at the same time...?

Actually, he found Mewtwo first IIRC.

He found Mewtwo in a cave that was being blocked by a guy pre-E4.

Nice little throw back
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