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Is the Grass Field move rumor true?

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User Info: EtoRanger

3 years ago#21
GallantChaddymn posted...
EtoRanger posted...
GallantChaddymn posted...
Rad_Dudesman posted...
Electric Field - Powers up Electric-type moves
Grass Field - Restores HP
Fog Field - Prevents status effects

Megaman Battle Network anyone?! :D

Now we just need a undershirt.

-Focus Sash/Band

they wanna say hi. :P

Ahh but are they shirts?

Didn't think so.

Also undershirt always prevented you from dying as long as you had more than 1 hp irrc.

Combine that with the constant healing from grass tiles while using Wood Style,(Which you can use indefinitely.) you become practically unbeatable.(Just avoid fire.)
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  3. Is the Grass Field move rumor true?

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