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Base stat questions

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User Info: RatheV

4 years ago#1
Have we seen base stats for...


User Info: RatheV

4 years ago#2

User Info: Staticnova

4 years ago#3
I know Clawitzer's: 70/70/100/130/100/55
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User Info: RatheV

4 years ago#4
Staticnova posted...
I know Clawitzer's: 70/70/100/130/100/55

Sweet, thanks. Anything else? I'm also curious about Mega Mewtwo X. Heard lots about Y, and nothing about it.

User Info: Doctor_Spanky

4 years ago#5
Here's an approximation from another thread:

Kinda underwhelming actually :P

User Info: Iced_Shadows

4 years ago#6
I saw Dragalge's stats, but I didn't see if anyone calculated the base stats or not. Unfortunately the stats seemed quite low...
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