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Help with my team

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User Info: Long_Bottom

4 years ago#1
I'm looking at

Delphox (Fire/Psychic)
Pangoro (Fighting/Dark)
Dragalge (Poison/Dragon)
Aurorus (Rock/Ice)
Trevanant (Grass/Ghost)
Mawile w/ Mega Stone (Steel/Fairy)

I know none of my Pokemon know Fly, but that's something I'll have to deal with when I come to it. Any glaring issues I have missed? Are Grass/Ghost and Rock/Ice horrible type combos? Do some of these pokemon not appear until late into the game?
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User Info: Staticnova

4 years ago#2
I think Rock/Ice is pretty terrible, yeah. Two 4x weaknesses (Fighting and Steel).
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User Info: JoJoX200

4 years ago#3
This is ingame. Use what you like and you should be fine. -- Fakemons and other stuff

User Info: LOOOPS

4 years ago#4
I'd replace the Rock/Ice with a flying type,

I'm getting Mawile too, if it's possible to get before beating the game. Does anyone know?
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