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Has anyone else started with a non starter?

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User Info: DaHolyMan666

3 years ago#1
I did it a couple times with Poliwag Vulpix Pidgey Ekans Dratini Manchop Eevee Ratata didn't use the original starters at all(only till I could trade my lvl 1's to the game and start with them.) when I created my team.

let me know if you guys ever did my best one would be my awesome Poliwrath still have him today.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#2
Yup. Started White 2 with Genesect on my first file and Porygon-Z on my third.
I plan to do it again with Scizor when Pokemon Bank comes out and I can transfer my old Pokes up.
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User Info: SinisterShade

3 years ago#3
Yepp gen 2 with a Pigey.
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User Info: Nado6

3 years ago#4
I did played all of Heart Gold with a Mareep at the beginning instead. It was one of my favorite runs

User Info: HipsterManPrime

3 years ago#5
In black and white 2 I had already used all the starters so I boxed oshawat as soon as I could and used Azumarill my "starter"

Sadly it was OP and made the game too easy...It one shot white-kyurem.....
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User Info: DaHolyMan666

3 years ago#6
Nado6 posted...
I did played all of Heart Gold with a Mareep at the beginning instead. It was one of my favorite runs

yeah mareep was a good one to start with never did I think ill try that
pokemon soulsilver friendcode- 0646-8374-0041

User Info: Hejiru

3 years ago#7
I did in Fire Red with Pidgey. I boxed my starter and used Pidgeot as my starter, just for the fun of it.
I also did it with Sewaddle in Black 2.
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User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#8
I started Sapphire with a Sneasal lol
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User Info: Sygma01

3 years ago#9
Hacked my Diamond and gave myself a Lv.5 Riolu before my player character even left his house. I had a Riolu before I got to Prof. Rowan's suitcase of starter Pokémon.

User Info: SH076UNNER

3 years ago#10
When i play Pokemon games, i create my own 'Hard Mode'. Many people would just say "play a nuzlocke if you want to make it hard", but it limits the freedom of Pokemon and when they faint, they die. The point of my way of playing Pokemon IS to have Pokemon faint since the battles are challenging. The rule of thumb, if you can beat a Gym Leader in your first try with a few Pokemon standing, you're not doing it right.


1. Not necessary, but ditch the starter. For a new Gen, using a starter is obviously ok since it's new. But for a second playthrough of a game, i usually ditch my starter. This Gen, i'm picking Chespin.

2. Use BAD to MEDIOCRE Pokemon, not a full team of Pseudo's. However, if you DO decide to use a really strong Pokemon, for example Gyarados, LIMIT his capabilities. So instead of having a physical set, give him a special only set. Remember, we are not playing competitive here. Competitive Pokemon should ALWAYS be made after post game. We just want to have as much fun as possible in the main play through of the game, making it a LOT more challenging and actually rewarding for once.

3. Play on the SET mode, not SHIFT mode. SET makes it so you can't have the opportunity to switch out your Pokemon after KOing the opponents Pokemon and KNOWING what they pull out next. It's WAY too big of an advantage to know that, and it makes the game way too easy. So basically, it online battling style. If you want to switch out your Pokemon (Which you SHOULD) throughout the battle, you have to sacrifice a hit + damage to one of your Pokes.

4. Last rule, absolutely NO items used in battle. So no potions, full heals, revives, none of that easy s***. It's good when the Gym Leader's or Elite 4 use multiple full restores, just makes the game harder which is what i want.

But yeah, i used Ledian as my starter in SoulSilver. It will forever remain my favorite starter in all games because of how fun it was, plus the REWARDING Gym battles I've faced. Ledian with Light Screen, Reflect, Silver Wind (Then later on Bug Buzz), Focus Blast is the most fun and best team leader ever. Reminded me of FF7 when you use 'Big Guard' before a boss battle.
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