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Did anyone else not get into B/W2 but looking forward to X/Y?

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  3. Did anyone else not get into B/W2 but looking forward to X/Y?

User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#1
I don't know why but i couldn't get into Black 2 at all event though i really liked Black. I don't understand it because i loved Diamond and loved Platinum and Black 2 was even more different than Black than Platinum was to Diamond.

That being said though i am really excited to get Pokemon Y. Might be because its an exciting new generation. Wonder if i will get bored if they make a sequel game to X/Y

User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#2
I was more into white than white 2 so I guess I can agree with you.
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User Info: Kapuxa

3 years ago#3
Maybe you were just in a "no pokemon" fase, happens sometimes. But you missed a really good game, I sugest going back to it even after X e Y.

User Info: Xigbar777

3 years ago#4
Yeah, wasn't super-big on BW2 either, despite the fact I love Black and White.

But X and Y look amazing.
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User Info: Bomberman87

3 years ago#5
I never even played B/W2, so in a sense I qualify.

User Info: CarefreeDude

3 years ago#6
I wasn't much into last gen at all. I played the games, but it just didn't really appeal to me. I also hated the battle sprite animations, and i couldn't remember any of the pokemon names at all. Hell, I don't even remember what the starters are.
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User Info: lookimmanoob

3 years ago#7
Didnt even touch gen V

User Info: Hulkkis

3 years ago#8
I made the mistake of playing thru it on japanese then when it came out in english i just didnt have the mood left even if i could actually understand the text this time.

Fun thing how easy it is to play thru pokemon just by trusting your instincts about the plot.
Cant read a single thing on japanese and beat the game ok.
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User Info: Poptimusx2

3 years ago#9
Haven't played a Pokemon game since Fire Red, aside from an hour or so of Black. Purchased a 3DS for X/Y though.

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

3 years ago#10
Some time around the release of Black and White I felt very little drive to actually play Pokemon games and never bought Black 2 and White 2. I think I was suffering from burnout or something. But I'm genuinely excited for X and Y.
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  3. Did anyone else not get into B/W2 but looking forward to X/Y?

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