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Oh look, they added New Miley Cyrus

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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#1
And just attached magenta confetti to her head.
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.

User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#2
Someone needs to photoshop Greninja's tongue onto that.
"I see the way you look at him. I'm a man too, ya know? I go pee pee standing up!"

User Info: Taiphlosion

4 years ago#3
I'm tired of everyone I know, of everyone I see, on the streets an on TV.

User Info: ChrnoDstroyer12

4 years ago#4
Man, some of these trainers are just hilarious looking.

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

4 years ago#5
Don't be ridiculous... that girl has WAY more dignity than Miley Cyrus... though her BF looks like he's not feeling so hot.
"I just beat Mag-Freaking-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?!" - Deadpool
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#6
She's hot.

Nothing better than Punk Girls imo.
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User Info: Sloth9230

4 years ago#7
Oh god, I hope I don't catch anything from that battle

*gets pokerus*
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