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Female gym leaders of Kalos?

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User Info: ExcIusivity69

3 years ago#61
It's funny how people think Valerie is the best one. I don't blame them obviously, but it just reminds of a friend in highschool named Valerie, and so many of our guy friends liked her. She wasn't ugly, but she was so average looking that I never knew what they saw in her. I admitted to not liking her, and they all freaked out. As for the gym leader Valerie, I actually do see what people see in her, really not surprised at all that she's the most popular one.
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User Info: Natatteru

3 years ago#62
Skyla wishes she were Winona.
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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#63
Natatteru posted...
Skyla wishes she were Winona.

Nah lol. Skyla flies higher than Winona wishes she can lol
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