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Favorite/Least favorite Mega designs?

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User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#1
Some of the Megas look awesome! I love Mega Ampharos, Mega Lucario, Mega Charizard X, etc. I'm so happy Game Freak went in this direction!

My favorite: Mega Charizard X, followed closely by Mega Lucario (he looks so cool!)
Least favorite: Mega Abomasnow (really, was anyone clamoring for Abomasnow to get a Mega form?) and Mega Kangaskhan (just plain silly IMO)

User Info: ShadowSlash17

4 years ago#2
Lucario or Absol for my favorite. Least goes to Kangaskhan.
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User Info: bratzboy

4 years ago#3
Favourite: MegaZard X. Exactly what I wanted, an iconic pokemon like him deserved some love.

Runner up: Mega Mawile, love it!

Least Favourite: Mega Gengar. His original form looks much better imo.

User Info: IronVenom

4 years ago#4
Favorite(s): Mega Lucario, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard X

Least: Mega Gengar (one of my fav pokes but I feel GF did not do it justice, at least imo)
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User Info: SkySaber

4 years ago#5
Mega Lucario and Mega Charizard X are my favs. I'm not fond of Mega Gardevoir.
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User Info: KaradurAtani

4 years ago#6
Favorite:Both Megazards, Mega Amphabulous
Least:Mega gengar and abomasnow just ew.
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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#7
Least: Mega Abomasnow. Literally the only one I don't like. It looks like it had a horrible accident in which its ass exploded.

Favorite: Mega Garchomp followed by Mega Charizard X. Megachomp looks like it's sporting a spiked jacket and generally just looks sharp. His expression in the Sugimori art also exudes confidence. Megazard X keeps Charizard looking close to his Shiny self but adds scalloped blue wings and flaming "tusks". On paper, the tusks are cool, but in-game, they're kinda odd. It feels like they should have done something else with them.

User Info: AppleJeZus

4 years ago#8
My Favorites: Venusaur (I originally thought it looked boring but its grown quite a bit), Charizard Y (Yay you look like a dragon), Mewtwo Y (Pokemon Majin Buu), Mega Garchomp (Venus Shark Trap)

Least Favorites: Blastoise (Just so poorly designed and why the goatee? Come on GF he was my favorite starter), Ampharos (Super Sayian), Mewtwo X (I just feel like the design made him look too artificial)
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User Info: SoulBlayZ

4 years ago#9
Fav mawile and absol

hates venusuar
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User Info: SoTactfullyEvil

4 years ago#10
Absol is by far my favorite (its so fluffy :3) with Mawhile/Gardevoir get honorable mentions.

Worst has to be Gengar and Gyarados (so damn ugly omfg).
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