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What Move(s) do you think are utterly useless?

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User Info: saltal3220

4 years ago#21
Metronome. Its an interesting move but 99/100 times you will regret using it.

User Info: Royal_Rain

4 years ago#22
CherryTangerine posted...

User Info: MajinKogahazan

4 years ago#23
Mud and Water sport

You wouldn't normally be using electric moves against ground types or fire moves against water types. I'm sure there's use for them when you're planning ahead in battle but for me they're pretty useless.
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

4 years ago#24
summerclaw posted...
What does Synxhonoise, Quarsh and Bestow do?

Synchronoise is a psychic attack that is slightly weaker than Psychic and only works if your opponent has at least one type in common with you. Basically it's a poor man's psychic with a massively bad drawback for no real reason. EDIT: Sorry, I was giving it too much credit. It has 70 BP and most, if not all pokemon that can learn it can also learn Psychic or Psyshock..

Most pokemon that can learn it are Psychic types, but in what situation would you want to use a psychic type attack on another psychic type?

Oh, and Umbreon can learn it. Think about that one for a sec. Umbreon would only be able to use Synchronoise on Dark types. It is literally splash in this situation.


Quash forces the target to move last. Contrast with After You, which makes the target move immediately after it being used. Has extremely niche uses in double/triple battles. Way too gimmicky to be used regardless.


Bestow passes the user's held item to the target. Doesn't work if the target is already holding an item and 99% of all pokemon will be holding an item in competitive play. Even if you consider what possible use this might still have (passing a flying gem to an acrobatics user in double battles, maybe?) its just such a handicapped strategy compared to just about anything else you could be doing.

User Info: Fierce_Deity777

4 years ago#25
ssbmrocks posted...
Anyway Synchronoise.

I like how it retains it's psychic damage.
Dark Synchronoise is just lol.
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  3. What Move(s) do you think are utterly useless?

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