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So, are there no strong fairy types?

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User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#21
Might be Floorj, like the town in France, Bourges.
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User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#22
Kromlech06 posted...
I'm going with Floor-guess until there's something official.

If anyone can dissect the root words that'd be good too.

edit: might be Floorj, like the town in France.

The French region should make it sound more like floor-jhey, with a Hohn Hohn hohn like voice.

User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#23
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User Info: FearlessKage

4 years ago#24
Florges seems like it'll be strong, just not OU.

User Info: Pentao

4 years ago#25
Florges makes a good stop against Special based dragons like say, Hydreigon and the Lati twins, but as for other dragons, it's probably going to get decimated by some neutral physical attack. It's physical bulk and speed is just pitiful, it can't switch in like that. It's low speed means it isn't doing anything without a Scarf either. Nor does it appear to have an ability to redeem it in singles.

Gardevoir's Mega doesn't have confirmed stats. But being Fairy/Psychic is an excellent thing, as Fairy removes Psychic's weaknesses to bug and dark, trading them off for far less common poison and steel types. Against dragon's, it'll need a significant defense boost to tank, but as long as it's special attack doesn't go down, it ought to be able to handle Dragons just fine. It has a pretty nice movepool as it is. It's low HP is a bit of a letdown, since it doesn't get boosted by Mega Evolution, but it can take advantage of Pain Split because of it.

Mawile needs it's mega form to be relevant. It will not be on a team period unless it's holding a mega stone (and if it is on a team without a mega stone then it's a liability). Having one of the best defensive combos in the game along with good defenses that are boosted by mega evolving, topped off by being able to get an intimidate in before doing so means it's quite bulky. It even gets Huge Power to maintain a threat. It's low HP is again, saddening, but Mawile has access to a bunch of strong attacks and it has a great movepool. One can argue it as an anti-fairy fairy too.

Togekiss as a Fairy type gains two weaknesses and trades it's ghost immunity for dragon immunity. Togekiss has decent bulk, and may actually force Garchomp to run Stone Edge, because if Garchomp doesn't run Stone Edge, it is literally countered and walled by Togekiss. Togekiss' apt movepool means it can threaten a lot of foes, and it's at the very least, a good fairy type. Whether or not dragons want to start running Iron Head will mean a lot in their ability to maintain usage in the metagame. 4 Attack Dragons will feel the hurt far less, but a Pokemon like say, DD-Roost + 2Attacks Dragonite is already hard pressed to choose it's secondary attack alongside Dragon Claw/Outrage.

Azumarill has a good defensive type, and only gains a weakness to poison, and nice resistances and a dragon immunity. It's still gotta worry about the special based dragons carrying electric type attacks. Latios and Latias' thunder is not something it'll enjoy taking.

Mr. Mime becomes a great chain holder for Baton Pass teams. It's Psychic/Fairy typing with Soundproof makes it immune to both roar and dragon tail (but not Whirlwind). Thanks to also having Taunt and decent speed, it can prevent itself from getting phazed or hazed.

Sylveon is quite a special tank, but it needs to beware of physical attacks.

Fairies in general make great partners for steel type Pokemon, especially Aegislash, who is immune to poison and resists steel. In Azumarill's case, grass as well. Many fairies seem to have poor physical defense so far, and Aegislash mitigates physical attacks with King's Shield.
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