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Darkrai should be retyped to Dark/Ghost

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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#21
FryDays5000 posted...
Why not Dark/Fairy? Hes a counterpart of a mon thats associated with the moon. We would finally get a scary fairy now :D

I actually agree with this. As much as I like cute and cuddly critters, we do need more "scary" fey folk.
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User Info: mech dragon

mech dragon
4 years ago#22
DoctorPain99 posted...
I actually do disagree. It's DARKrai. Also, it's not based on a ghost, it's based on the shadows, nightmares, and potentially Morpheus, none of which have anything to do with ghosts.

The ghost Pokemon in Pokemon lore are more related to shadows and nightmares, more so than the Dark type pokemon. Dark type Pokemon are all about dirty fighting and trickery. The Ghost type pokemon attack using "darkness" with moves such as Shadow Sneak (their shadow attacks the opponent) and Nightmare (they haunt the opponent in their sleep).

User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#23
Darkrye should be Dark / Bread Type
Bread type confirmed!
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User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#24
Personally, I like him as pure dark. Yeah, he's creepy and his dark powers allow him to operate out of the shadows, but that's all covered by dark. He doesn't need ghost.
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User Info: c0micboy

4 years ago#25
Darkrai should be Dark/Ghost and Cresselia should be Psychic/Fairy
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