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User Info: BigPapaSnorlax

4 years ago#1
Been planning and was wondering what you guys thought of my team.
Constructive criticism welcomed.

Scolipede or Galvantula
Tyrantrum or Dragalge
Mawile or Gardevoir

This is what I have so far. Having a hard time deciding those last three and I still have no idea what's gonna take that last slot. So, your thoughts?

User Info: BigPapaSnorlax

4 years ago#2

User Info: Gleason037

4 years ago#3
Galvantula has good Sp. Atk and it's FAST, plus the 91 ACC Thunder if you get one with CompoundEyes is beatiful, but they're fragile as heck :/ one EQ from a Sandslash can wipe it, and it's not even SE.
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