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ha, my Gamestop called

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User Info: andsoitends

3 years ago#21
I think you should still go though >_>
Why are spiders born with the knowledge to spin webs? F*** you. That's why. - MWNP

User Info: Amy_Rose

3 years ago#22
Shotgunryugan posted...
Magmasta posted...
Charge in there like Ash and be the best that you can be.

^He is trying to tell you that you will never be the champion, never catch a legendary & that you will never evolve your water starter.

Don't listen to him TC!

I'll pick mine up between Monday and Wednesday, plus I don't want to be like Ash because he never won an official region's tournament.

User Info: darkdragongirl

3 years ago#23
andsoitends posted...
Every time I've gone to a midnight release for a game, I ended up enjoying it. In fact, I remember when I went to the release for Black Ops I was in line with these 2 guys around my age and we were just like talking about all sorts of things, we talked about the franchise, music, restaurants, movies, etc. Over the course of a 4 hour wait (we were near the front of the line) we got to know each other pretty well and are friends on Facebook ^_^

Another time (COD:MW3) I was just talking on and off with some people in front and behind me, but there was also a lot of free swag I got (Hat, dogtags, wallet, poster, etc.) so it was worth it. I'm curious how the demographics of a Pokemon midnight release might differ from a COD one >_>

Alright...I'll try it. made it myself
A whole new region~

User Info: andsoitends

3 years ago#24
Why are spiders born with the knowledge to spin webs? F*** you. That's why. - MWNP

User Info: koggx

3 years ago#25
From: SurviveRatstar | #015
For the people who can't make midnight release, or your local isn't doing one: a lot of them are also opening earlier in the morning, so if you can get there then you might beat the rush.

that is were my gamestop differs they not doing a midnight release (hell none in my state are :/ ) but they also open at normal time of 9AM which sucks because i would have gladly gone to a midnight release as i'm more of a night person anyway but ill be there at 8:45AM and be waiting so i can get in and out

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
3 years ago#26
I really only talk at these things for free stuff they give out. Otherwise I bring a game or listen to music while I wait. Releases I've gone to have ranged from people pointing out that I wasn't wearing anything but shorts and a tshirt with how cold it was to how much they're going to smoke when they get home and play their game.
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User Info: Zevox

3 years ago#27
Real life is hard... I have to get my car an alignment and head to the drag strip Saturday. Man I miss the days of being 12 some times.

User Info: sickie09ismine

3 years ago#28
You're lucky your gamestop is doing a midnight release, my GS isn't..but all of us workers are just staying after we close (9) to pick it up at midnight
Gamertag- Sickie09ismine

User Info: CodyGale

3 years ago#29
damn gamestop haven't called me yet.
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