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I really wish we'd get 16 Gym Leaders and two regions again in a Pokemon Gen

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  3. I really wish we'd get 16 Gym Leaders and two regions again in a Pokemon Gen

User Info: Sloth9230

4 years ago#41
360pages posted...
Sloth9230 posted...
Sinnoh alone is bigger than Johto and G/S/HG/SS Kanto combined :P

They really weren't though....At least not compared to HG/SS

Yes they were, Johto and Kanto are all cluster*****. They're just stretched width wise.


User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#42
Considering most towns has a facility that you could use there were less useless towns overall. People complained that Kanto was barren, so when they took steps to fix this in HG/SS people said that things are too spread apart.

If they had just clustered everything in one area, people would have complained about empty space and areas not having any reason for being there. At least they gave every single town an area in the remakes other than in G/S where some places was there just to be there.

Also, the original DP was missing a battle frontier, something HG/SS had, as well as an idiotic requirement for the E4 rematches. (Either enter the hall of fame 20 times or fight your Barry twenty times.)

Sure it was easier to raise pokemon up to seventy in DPPL, but raising them to one-hundred was a lot easier mostly due to end game bosses such as red, and the ease of having the e4 rematches available as soon as you have access to mount silver. No having to enter the hall of fame 20 times.
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User Info: bd43

4 years ago#43
Lexifox posted...
I would rather have a full, complete region than 1/3 of two regions.

Also it makes level scaling stupid. Gen 2 are bad games, and they could have been salvaged if things weren't spread so thin.

Well, scaling is moe of a design flaw than a concept flaw. Gen II could be improved if the games were designed to be challenging. That said, story and individuality wouldn't hurt. 1/3 is extensive hyperbole, though. 4/5Ths maybe, but Johto is underrated.

It can be pulled off, and no one else is making games, so. . .
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User Info: The-DreamKiller

4 years ago#44
if they do i hope it will be nothing like hg/ss kanto, after you were done in jhoto the rest of the game felt completely rushed.
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  3. I really wish we'd get 16 Gym Leaders and two regions again in a Pokemon Gen

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