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What made you choose X or Y?

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User Info: Aladdin2557

3 years ago#1
I uh have a friend who still can't decide which version to get

User Info: Quaguaman

3 years ago#2
Y for Dragalge and Yveltal

User Info: Eidolith

3 years ago#3
X, because discostag.

User Info: niklnip

3 years ago#4
Suuure you do....

Just pick the one with exclusives/legendaries you like better. There really isn't much difference between the two.

Have fun picking ;3
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User Info: lookimmanoob

3 years ago#5
I got X because I LOVE the box art, Xerneas and Charizard

User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#6
X because everyone I have talked to is getting Y. EVERYONE.
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User Info: Staticnova

3 years ago#7
X for Clawitzer.

Legendaries and Charizard don't interest me.
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User Info: scitch1

3 years ago#8
I chose at random as I understand the concept of internet trading

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

3 years ago#9
Y because Yveltal. My sister is getting X so I'm pretty much covered for most version exclusives.
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User Info: SOAD5657

3 years ago#10
My friend's getting Y. So X.
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