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Is it really that hard to take a picture?

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User Info: CircaSoul

4 years ago#1
It's funny.

The game has been in peoples hands for a while now, and it's almost as if the leakers (if more than one person) intentionally take piss poor pictures. Like, I'm genuinely interested in how these pictures can be so bad.

An example. What camera is that bad in 2013, to where you can't just focus it for 2 seconds to actually take a more legitimate, believable picture. I mean, I'm not one of the people who denies every leaked photo I see, but I can understand why people would at this point.

User Info: hawkleberryfin

4 years ago#2
Take your own pictures then.

User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#3
Lol, I don't have a single good camera in the house.

Besides, the guy took a ton of pics to make up for it.

People need to stop thinking there is only one ttar image floating around.
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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#4
Seriously, it's not like we're asking folks to take pictures of bigfoot or something. There is no excuse for how blurry and out of focus a lot of these pics are.

User Info: TheDecepticons

4 years ago#5
the autofocus on most cellphones really dont like being so close to a device that emits its own bright light. And most people dont use an actual camera anymore. But hey... guess what, if its digital you are getting the same thing all over again. The easiest way to cut down the blurriness... is to hold the device further away, and than you still get a bad shot as its not going to be close up to see it how "you" want it.

You could always wait a few more days i suppose...
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User Info: Yumi_san

4 years ago#6
Some people don't have good cameras. Not everyone can afford a good camera or uses one often enough for it to be worth the expense. And phone cameras, which I think are being used for most of these pictures, are not all that great on most phones. Not everyone has a smartphone with a great camera. Most phones smartphones have 5-8MP, which is nothing compared to most point-and-shoot cameras nowadays.

And don't forget they're simply pointing their camera at a screen, and pictures of bright screens typically don't turn out well even with decent cameras. Be thankful that we've got any pictures at all. None of the leakers had to post pictures if they didn't want to.
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User Info: JP_GXP

4 years ago#7
Cellphone pics.

Not blurry nor small, it's not hard. We'll all see them better Saturday, anyway.
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