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What would be the perfect post-game for you?

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User Info: Dark_Zoroark

3 years ago#1
For me:

A new island with plenty of explorable caves, forests and a lot of legendaries and secret key items such as Shiny Charm, Vs. Seeker, Match Bike and an event with a shiny Garmchomp Lv 80.
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User Info: GoomytheSavior

3 years ago#2
Something like those islands in firered or the battle fronteir from emerald.

User Info: Jakistan77

3 years ago#3
...I don't hate this. Something like (but better) the Sevii Islands from FRLG. Just a couple more small area's with pokemon that you don't see in the normal game.
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User Info: MechaKirby

3 years ago#4
Second adventure in Orre
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#5
New cities and activities.
Legendaries, too. And the obvious Battle Frontier.
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User Info: legitgamer405

3 years ago#6
A ton of new areas, legendaries, more activities to do, and BATTLE FRONTIER!!!
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User Info: GaiamageX

3 years ago#7
Battle Factory/Rental Pokemon Usage.
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User Info: BikkiBikki

3 years ago#8
All other regions available for a total of 48 badges and 5 leagues (Kanto/Jhoto share), Battle frontier. All 718 Pokemon available to catch. Contests (Why not).
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

3 years ago#9
You actually take over as Champion and occasionally get phone calls wanting you to fly back to the E4 building to take on new challengers. Also, that tournament in BW where you fight a mix of all previous champions & stuff, that looked fun.

Levels scale to 50 or 100 (your choice) for both of these events and the AI will be super tough.

Also, tools to make training/getting all the Pokemon easier would be great.
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User Info: gatz900

3 years ago#10
a new land. with 70 new gen 6 pokemon and a message from gamefreaks that says "We had you going! We love ya!!! Then the other main character performs a sexual favor along with 99 masterballs.
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