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Anyone here gonna pick up the Starter shirts at Hot Topic?

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  3. Anyone here gonna pick up the Starter shirts at Hot Topic?

User Info: BLAKUboy

4 years ago#11
$20 for a ****ing shirt? God no.
Abra can just go **** itself.

User Info: TutelarSword

4 years ago#12
If only it wasn't Hot Topic... I'll probably see if I can get them somewhere else. If not, I will be fine with just getting myself one of those 18 inch Fennekin plushes when they come out at Walmart or something.
Proud to like ALL of the new starter evolutions, and plans on using all three on my in game team.

User Info: Klauser_Bateson

4 years ago#13
I bought the #Team Froakie shirt.
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User Info: Vito219

4 years ago#14
I think they are kind of terrible, totally would if they were more dynamic
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User Info: Grad212

4 years ago#15
Out of all of those I'd probably buy the hoodie. Having said that, I still wouldn't buy it.

User Info: PhoenixRush

4 years ago#16
A shirt that won't last long that's half the price of the games it's referencing. No thanks.
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#17
BikkiBikki posted...
No, I'm too old to be wearing crap like that.

You're no fun
Give me all teh FE D':
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User Info: BLAKUboy

4 years ago#18
Hell, I could probably make that shirt for like $5 tops.
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User Info: rocky505

4 years ago#19
You could buy either X or Y and a strategy guide instead of buying those 3 shirts. I'd rather get one of the plushies that have started popping up at Toys R Us.

User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#20
Nah, I'm saving my extra money for Neko-Con.
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  3. Anyone here gonna pick up the Starter shirts at Hot Topic?

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