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Which starter has the best signature move?

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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#1
Topic - Results (105 votes)
Water Shuriken
40% (42 votes)
Mystic Fire
14.29% (15 votes)
Spike Shield
45.71% (48 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Water Shuriken
15 bp
100 acc
2-5 hits, +1 priority

Mystic Fire
65 bp
100 acc
Lowers spatk by one stage

Spike Shield
Protects the user from all damage, any moves that make contact reflects back to do 1/8 of the oppenent's max health.

I feel Spike Shield is the best.
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User Info: Slayerblade11

4 years ago#2
Water Shuriken is the best, but its kind of redundant on something that has 120 base speed.

User Info: lordlugia_rocks

4 years ago#3
Spike Shield. Isn't Water Shuriken physical? Greninja has a higher SpA,

Meanwhile Spike Shield can deal huge 1/8 of the enemies health with good prediction so i'd have to say Spike Shield.
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User Info: d_charizard

4 years ago#4
Spike Shield by far. Water Shuriken, if it IS a priority move (I haven't seen conclusive proof of that), is pretty nice, but Spike Shield is much, much better. And lol, the worst of the starters gets the worst of the moves. (Mystic Fire is pretty bad, especially since Delphox isn't terribly strong.)

User Info: Sir_Badass

4 years ago#5
Probably Spike Shield. Water Shuriken is unreliable for damage and I wouldn't be surprised if Greninja can learn Sucker Punch. Mystic Fire is crap for damage and Delphox doesn't look bulky enough to make a good debuffer.

Spike Shield will at least have niche use as a pseudo-Protect, and the damage is a bonus even if it's negligible.

User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#6
Mystic Fire is...too weak.

Spike Shield is effective on Flying users.

Water Shuriken? Hmm.
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

4 years ago#7
But isn't the grass starters final Evo type Grass/Fighting? That makes him 4x weak to flying, right?

But Spike Shield is pretty sweet...

But he looks so.... Dumb.

But grass is a pretty good type...

But Froakie becomes a ninja frog.

But football in the groin had a football in the groin....
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