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What's so special about catching them all?

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User Info: calvin_0

4 years ago#11
GiranXYZ posted...

I see. So people actually like to brag about this? lol

why not? its not like its easy to get all 649 pokemons and some of them are rare event pokemon. how many actually have all 649 pokemons, right now? i only have 648 pokemons..
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User Info: Zaphod65

4 years ago#12
The Shiny Charm in BW2 was a nice reward. I put it to use with the Masada Method and hatched myself a shiny Sandshrew.

I've been transferring my monsters forward since the GBA days, and I look forward to catching all of the new ones as well.
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User Info: SuperXThousand

4 years ago#13
I get why people would say 'hey, that's a bit of a waste of time'. But hey if you're having fun going for it, who cares?

Personally I might be inclined to if they were all available in one game. But they're so complicated to get in some cases that it's not even worth a second thought imo.

User Info: SuperXThousand

4 years ago#14
Worse are those guys that collect shinies and post them up on youtube. For example, one guy found a shiny venemoth after 10,000 random encounters. I really hope he got something out of it on a personal level but I just can't see it..

That's a big effort.
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