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So DESIGN wise, what's your favourite new pokemon?

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User Info: mrmariomaster

4 years ago#1
I really, genuinely like Klefki.
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User Info: XxVERSUSxX

4 years ago#2

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

4 years ago#3

They all look dank as f***
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User Info: dingo_of_jawaii

4 years ago#4
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User Info: JammerzW

4 years ago#5
Either the Clauncher line or Tyrunt line.
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User Info: MM125

4 years ago#6
Xerneas or Yveltal.
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User Info: roxbury1990

4 years ago#7
I like that malamar dude/dudette
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User Info: James-Noraa

4 years ago#8
Greninja and Noivern.

User Info: moshpitt133

4 years ago#9
My favorite design this generation is Furfrou and a close second to Meowstic

User Info: DarkKirby2500

4 years ago#10
Mega Gardeovir

But then my favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir so I'm biased as heck.
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