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If you were a Gym Leader...

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User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#11

1-2 Badges: Magnemite, Beldum, Honedge
3-5 Badges: Magneton, Metang, Honedge/Doublade (depends on evo level)
5-7 Badges: Magnezone, Metang/Metagross, Aegislash, Scizor

Final team:
Magnezone, Metagross, Aegislash, Scizor, Skarmory, Ferrothorn

TM given: Shift Gear(?)

User Info: Donniedonz

3 years ago#12
Dark-type 8th leader

- Zoroark
- Pangoro
- Honchkrow
- Spiritomb
- Shiftry
- Absol (Mega)
Call me Fox. (And don't ask me what I say.)

User Info: DutchKraken

3 years ago#13
7th Ice-Type Gym Leader:

Snover, Glalie, Froslass, Aurorus
X360: QuakeNLD - Steam: kraken.nld
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User Info: andsoitends

3 years ago#14
Bug type

First Gym:
Lv 10 Beautifly
Lv 10 Butterfree

3-5 Badges:

Lv 26 Scyther
Lv 26 Ariados
Lv 29 Beautifly

6-7 Badges

Lv 35 Ariados
Lv 35 Larvesta
Lv 35 Beautifly
Lv 35 Beautifly (different move set)

Final Gym?

Lv 46 Pinsir
Lv 45 Heracross
Lv 47 Beautifly
Lv 50 Volcarona (early, I know, but other gym leaders get away with it)
Why are spiders born with the knowledge to spin webs? F*** you. That's why. - MWNP

User Info: j0rdannn

3 years ago#15
Water type.

0-2 BADGES: Horsea (12), Staryu (14).
3-5 BADGES: Lapras (30), Kingdra (32), Starmie (35).
5-7 BADGES: Blastoise (42), Lapras (44), Kingdra (48), Starmie (50).
FINAL: Carracosta, Feraligatr, Blastoise, Lapras, Kingdra, Starmie.
SUBS: Kingler, Seismitoad, Jellicent.
3DS FC: 0216 0811 3026.
Currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#16
If I could set up a Gym in an abandoned warehouse in X/Y, I would(using your levels) have:
No Badges: Togepi lvl12, Ditto lvl14
3-5 Badges: Clefairy lvl27, Smeargle lvl27, Togetic lvl29, Ditto lvl31
5-7 Badges: Spearow lvl43, Clefable lvl42, Smeargle lvl42, Togekiss lvl45, Ditto lvl47

Theme: Normal type and random and copy moves

User Info: The_Chadillac

3 years ago#17
I would be a rock trainer with a focus on fossil pokemon.

0-2 badges: Omanyte & Tyrunt
3-5 badges: Omanyte, Tyrunt, Archen, Lileep
6-8 badges: Omastar, Tyrantrum, Archeops, Cradily, Bastiodon

If I could be an E4 member, I'd add Aerodactyl.

User Info: burner001

3 years ago#18

0 badges: Meinfoo (lvl 10), Riolu (lvl 12)

3 badges: Scraggy (lvl 25), Meifoo (lvl 25), Lucario (lvl 27)

5 badges: Scrafty (lvl 33), Mienshao (lvl 33), Gallade (lvl 27), Lucario (lvl 35)

7 badges: Scrafty (lvl 43), Mienshao (lvl 43), Gallade (lvl 43), Blaziken (lvl 45), Lucario (lvl 47)

Champions: Scrafty (lvl 60), Mienshao (lvl 60), Gallade (lvl 60), Blaziken (lvl 60), Pangoro (lvl 60), Lucario (lvl 62-Can Mega Evolve)
3DS Friend Code: 2878 - 9575 - 8471I Poke White (Reece) FC: 4384 1895 9989 I Poke Black 2 (Reece) FC: 3139 4457 7553
PSN: Burner_R

User Info: mr_kennedy44

3 years ago#19
Type: Grass

0 Badges: Oddish (level 12), Bulbasaur (Level 14)

2nd Badge: Gloom (level 20), Cacnea (Level 21), Ivysaur (Level 23)

4th Badge: Gloom (Level 29), Lileep (Level 28), Cacnea (Level 28), Ivysaur (Level 31)

6th Badge: Vileplume (Level 38), Lileep (Level 36), Cacturne (Level 37), Venusaur (Level 40)

8th Badge: Vileplume (Level 47), Ludicolo (Level 46), Cradily (Level 46), Cacturne (Level 47), Venusaur (Level 50)

Rematch: Vileplume, Lilligant, Ludicolo, Cradily, Cacturne, Venusaur
"A HIND D!?" - Solid Snake
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User Info: FireMage7777

3 years ago#20
Fire type.

0-2 badges: Charmander (12), Quilava (14).
3-5 badges: Braxien (30), Charmeleon (32), Quilava(35).
5-8 badges: Magmortar (42), Delphox(44), Charizard (48), Typhlosion (50)
Elite Four: Arcanine (48), Magmortar (50), Delphox (52), Charizard (53), Typhlosion (55)
Champion: Pyroar (55), Arcanine (56), Magmortar (57), Delphox (58), Charizard (59), Mega Typhlosion (60)

I'm holding out hope on that last one
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