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What exactly *is* Chespin?

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User Info: evoxpisces

4 years ago#1
I mean I know he's called "the chestnut pokemon" but I've talking about animal-wise, what is it? A chipmunk? A mole? Just curious because I can't quite figure it out.
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User Info: CalciferJenkins

4 years ago#2
Hedgehog, apparently.
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User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

4 years ago#3
Sonic's brother
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User Info: TI_Four

4 years ago#4
I;d actually refer to Chespin as a Hedgehog or Vole of some type. Chespin's evolutions head into Armadillo and Porcupine territory.

User Info: InninXI

4 years ago#5
Bipedal Armadillo
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User Info: Aladdin2557

4 years ago#6
A gerbil

User Info: Cedlow

4 years ago#7
CalciferJenkins posted...
Hedgehog, apparently.
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User Info: emeraldfox_09

4 years ago#8
A Pokémon.
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User Info: dingo_of_jawaii

4 years ago#9
emeraldfox_09 posted...
A Pokémon.

This. Yup.
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User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 years ago#10
What exactly is Froakie?
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